H2, DA or Kn Atmosphere Quality Assessment

Atmosphere Quality Testing Crucial to Quality

Optimizing furnace atmosphere and developing efficient heat treatment applications is essential to meet the high standards of quality expected of metals in any industry. The extensive expertise and experience McLaughlin has gained in the delivery of numerous highly successful heat treatment projects has positioned us as knowledgable assessors of different atmosphere conditions regardless of the industry. We provide advice on the most suitable gases for your products, offering technologies and services specific to your business's needs.

An optimized furnace atmosphere means reduced rework effort and lower reject costs. Varied applications experience and close, long-standing work with our customers equip our on-site experts with the understanding they need to develop the best solution for your process challenges. We develop the most efficient concept for your process, gas supply and hardware needs.

McLaughlin has been assessing industrial gases in the field for years. Customers value our state-of-the-art, comprehensive and reliable testing capabilities and our ability to execute on time and within budget. You can rely on us to ensure quality atmosphere for your heat treatment facilities.

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